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A blend of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles. Textile scraps, unused cotton fibers, and plastic are broken down and spun into a thread, which is then weaved and made into fabric for clothing

Vast is the leader in boardshort technology. Our research and development team are always on the cutting edge of the industry.

Our VAST gripper feature consist of silicone tapes placed on the inside of the waistband that ensure that the boardshort adhese to your body under wet conditions.

Our VAST 360 product line is the name given to our fully fused seam styles which are entirely constructed using welded seams. The VAST 360 boardshorts are tear strength tested and provide great comfort.

Our VAST 180 product line is the name given to our partially fused seams styles which are a combination of stitched and fused seams. We have applied thread stitchings to account for extra reinforcement and fused seams where the body comes into contact with the fabric to eliminate irritation.

The holster pocket was inspired by our design team. We found that the best hands-free location to place our phone and listen to music, while working out at the gym, was inside the waistband of our shorts just behind the right hip area. This is in the general vicinity of the waistband where a pant/denim patch is normally placed.

We found that placing it in this location allowed for 90% full motion to complete a full gym workout without any discomfort or inconvenience due to the fleshy upper gluteal muscles that allowed for sufficient padding. It allowed for exercises that required laying on ones back, like sit-ups, or even on one's sides.

We then incorporated a pocket onto our board shorts in this area and tested it on our surf sessions. We found that the movements and body positions that are performed while surfing are just as complex and intricate as those performed while training. So why limit the enjoyment of carrying a phone, music, video, or any other type of devices to only land?

Our cocotex fabric is made from coconut powder which is used for coating the yarns prior to weaving the fabric. The cocotex fiber also can absorb odor, so it has dampproof, deodorization, gout elimination character.

160 gsm recycle poly Cocotex fabric. Composition: Recycle Polyester / poly from
odor resistant
Water repellant 

Each bamboo charcoal fiber is with honeycomb paths and these paths run through from inside to outside. This structure can put the function of bamboo charcoal into full play. It also has high ability of absorption and deodorization, adjust the humidity automatically, and good dampproof management.

178 gsm bamboo/charcoal w/ dobby back fabric.
Composition: poly bamboo charcoal/spandex
Water repellant
odor resistant